1930's Research Project

The best way to appreciate the atmosphere and social dynamics of the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, is to learn about the time period. To do this, groups will become subject matter experts regarding numerous elements of the decade, and then present their wikispage to the whole group

Topic Pages

Harper Lee

Major Events of the 1930's

Scottsboro Trial

Jim Crow Laws

1930's South

Depression Entertainment

Website Requirements

  • Purpose: Provide readers of To Kill a Mockingbird with an overview of your topic (as it relates to the 1930s), drawing from a range of sources
  • 1250-1500 words
  • 5 pictures
  • Professional structure & presentation (includes proofreading)
  • Minimum 10 in-text links to external sources (up to 3 may link to other pages in this wiki)
  • Minimum 8 sources cited (1 must be a book; the others may be from a database or website, excluding Wikipedia, but you may use it as a jumping-off point for other sources)
  • Each team member needs to make seven (7) seperate entries to the page (this can include uploading photos/clipart, text, links or capturing video)
  • all sources (including video & images) must be cited on the webpage in proper MLA format (refer to the IMC's citation help page for directions on specific sources format - IMC Citations)


Possible Research Aids

A terrific resource is our own HCRHS IMC database, which can be accessed on and off campus by signing on with your school login and password. In addition, materials can be found at a number of other online sources, such as: