The Crucible
Character Journals

There is nothing like walking in someone else's shoes. Sometimes we must see an event from the prespective of another person to best understand what is happening.

Several times while reading The Crucible, each classmate will be asked to see the events through the eyes of one of the numerous characters of the play. Through the incorporation of Character Journals, we will "watch" events unfold, learn how each character must have felt, acted and possibly, reacted to the events.

Making Your Entries
Each journal entry MUST be follow the same format, but what you say about each of the elements of the entry should be drawn from the information learned during that day's reading in class.

Format for Creating An Entry

Character Journals

Abigail Williams
Ann Putnam
Betty Parris
Elizabeth Proctor
Ezekiel Cheever
Francis Nurse
Giles Cory
John Proctor
Judge Hawthorne
Martha Cory
Marshall Herrick
Mary Warren
Mercy Lewis
Rebecca Nurse
Rev. Hale
Samuel Parris
Susanna Wallcock
Thomas Putnam
Sara Good