The Journal of Elizabeth Proctor

Today I am Elizabeth Proctor and I am covering pages 130-145

Dear Journal,
Today I saw my husband almost confess to witchcraft and survive this whole ordeal. Almost. He was still conflicted on the dissision to confess, and when the judges demanded a answer, I told him, "Do what you will. But let none be your judge. There be no higher judge under Heaven than Proctor is! Forgive me, forgive me, john-- I never knew such goodness in the world!" This seemed to give him the extra strength he needed to confess, but when they tried to get him to confirm the charges against some of the accused, he said, "I speak my own sins; I cannot judge another. I have no tongue for it." He finally finished, and signed the legal document saying he confessed to witchcraft, but as soon as he knew the confession was to be nailed on the church door, he took the page and ripped it up! I was initially confused and sad that he was going to die. But when he said, "Give them no tear! Tears pleasure them! Show honor now, show a stony heart and sink them with it!" I understood. This wasn't a matter of life and death. This was about honor and pride. This was about holding his head high as he walked to the gallows, and dieing with dignaty. Reverend Hale bade me plead for John to re-sign the confession, and when I refused, he knew me to be a loyal, and cold woman. I think tomorrow will only see me back in my cell, and that the hangings will continue. (DZ)

Today I am Elizabeth Proctor and I am covering pages 130-145

Dear Journal,
Today I saw my husband, John Proctor, die a proud man. At first John was going to confess to to witchcraft. Although as time went on he realized that falsly confessing would have meant that everyone who has died would have died for no reason. I saw John sign the confession sheet and then rip it up. John may have done some bad things before but he has enough character to make up for it now. Things I said were "He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!" John has redeemed himself and now I am proud of the person he is. Things people said to me were "Let him give his lie. Quail not before God's judgment in this, for it may well be God damns a liar less than he that throws his life away for pride." Mr. Hale was telling me that I need convince John to lie and say that he his guilty. I understand where Mr. Hale is coming from but I do not think John will take this into consideration. One thing I wish I had said would have been to John. He died for the pride of not only himself, but also for me and our children and therefore I wish I told him exactly how much I respect him for that. I bet that tomorrow will be better because it can not possibly get any worse. Once everyone realizes how stupid they have been, everything will get much better. (BO)

Today I am Elizabeth Proctor and I am covering pages 75-81.

Dear Journal ,
Today I saw two good women get arrested. Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey along with my self. I got this news from their husbands when they came to tell john of this news. When hale talked about Abigail getting stabbed I said “and she charges me?”. I knew that she wanted me dead but I didn’t think she would go this far. And mister hale thinking I may vary well be a witch which he proved when he said “if she’s innocent”. I know he does not know me but to trust that girl is jest wrong. She lies out right in court. I wish I had said some thing to make john feel a little better. I bet that tomorrow john will get into trouble for trying to get me out of jail. (kp)

Today I am Elizabeth Proctor and I am covering pages 70-75.
Dear Journal,
Today I saw Mary Warren after court. She gave me a doll as a gift. She told me that someone accused me of being a witch! Mary told me that she spoke up at court and said that she never would suspect of me doing anything like that. I'm still so angry and suprised that someone would accuse me of doing witch craft! Things I said were if I am accused of being a witch then I do not believe in witches. If I'm really accused of being a witch then there is obviously no such of witches since I am not a witch. Things that people said about me were how they think that I snuck out to Abigail's house and used witch craft on her. One thing I wish I said was how Abigail is such a liar. Abigail just accuses me of witch craft so she can be with John, my husband. I bet tomorrow that everyone will see how Abigail is a liar and how I'm not a witch at all. I never done witch craft at all, so therefore I am not a witch! (JM)

Today I am Elizabeth Proctor and I am covering pages 63-70
Dear Journal,
Today I saw Reverend Hale come into my house to inform me about the recent witch trials. I saw the worry on his face for not only me, but also many other women in Salem who are being accused of witchcraft. I also saw Reverend Hale begin to get angry at my husband, John, for being too busy lately to go to church. Things I said were "You will never believe, I hope, that Rebecca trafficked with the Devil." I could not believe that anyone in the right mind could possibly think that Rebecca Nurse has anything to do with the devil. Rebecca is a quiet, well spoken woman and people are suspicious that she could be a witch; I just don't understand where people are coming up with these ideas. I also said "I think, maybe, we have been too hard with Mr. Paris." I think that even though we never really liked Mr. Paris, it doens't hurt to maybe give him another chance. One thing someone said to me was when Rev Hale told me that it is possible that Rebecca could be involved with the devil. This proved to me that this is stupid thing with witches is going to get out of hand very quickly. One thing I wish I had said was "Reverend Hale, you can either believe that this is all just a big misunderstanding or you can get out of my house." I am very bewildered that his escaladed the way it did. I bet that tomorrow everything will be even worse because nobody will know who to trust. (BO)

Today I am Elizabeth Proctor and i am covering pages 55-62

Today I saw John proctor and Mary Warren.
What i said today is that i told My husband that He needs to get rid of Abigail having anyone hope of getting him to Marry her.
Mary told me that i was accused of witchcraft in court by Abagail and that I might be hanged. My husband told me that He did not think that abagail thinks that when she accused me that she thought that if i was executed he would marry her but his tone and actions told me he knew i was right. I heard that 39 people were arrested in Salem for witchcraft and that Mary thought that there were witches in salem and one had tried to kill her during court today.
one thing i wish i said is that i didn't want the rag doll she handed me. I also wished i asked her what she said about me in court.
I bet that Tomorrow i will be accused of witchcraft and may be sent to court for trial or be arrested. J.S.

Today I am Elizabeth Proctor and I am covering pages 131 - 145

Dear Journal,
Today i saw tons of innocent people get hanged, including John. i have never been so upset. John started out lying and he signed the paper saying he has done witchcraft, but then he realized he couldnt live with himself if he did that. he tore up the paper and got hanged. But first he asked for my opinion and i told him i couldnt judge him. most people felt bad for me. i wish i could have talked john into lying about it, that way he might still be alive, but it was his choice. i bet that tomorrow one of the girls will start to feel guilty and confess. (AW)