The Journal of Ezekiel Cheever
Today I am Cheever and i am covering pages 123 - 130
Today i went to the jail with my trusty wooden box with all of my writing utensils in it. I was listening to Danforth and Herrick talk about all the strange things going around in the town. I told Danforth the cows were out and about beacause of all the masters bein in jail. Now that they be wandering, everyone is fighting over who they belong to. I stated what i believed to be true but i never really knew what Danforth had thought baecasue Mr. Parris entered a second later. (JW)

Today I saw John Proctor defending his wife from charges against witchcraft. I was told to arrest Goodie Proctor, I did not want to arrest her, but it is my job to do so. The accusations between everybody in the room quickly grew tonight until a fight broke out between one of the officers and John Proctor. Thankfully Goodie Proctor decided to go without any fight, however, John got very angry when we tried to put chains on her. I heard something about Abigail Williams I think I do wonder what that was all about. Things I said were that it was my duty to arrest Goodie Proctor even though I did not want to, Goodie Proctor is one of the nicest wifes in the village. I also said that everyone had to be chained no matter who they were I really didn't see the big deal in all of that. Things people said about me were not good. I was told to get out of the house to never come back, I could definatly tell I was not welcome there at the moment. I just hope when all of this ends we can forgive eachother and become friends again. I wish I had told everyone that I believed them about Goodie Proctor, also I wish I could say that I won't arrest her. However, I had to do all of those things I was ordered to. I bet tomorrow everybody acused will hang who doesn't confess to witchcraft, the power those girls over peoples fate in the village is so high anyone they want to be hanged will be hanged. Good thing I am not targeted in anyway to this absurd madness. (Matt S)