The Journal of Francis Nurse

Today I am Francis Nurse, and I am covering pages 86 to 94.

Dear Journal,

Today I saw most of very well known people of Salem in the meeting house which was now serving as the anteroom of the General Court. I was also one of the people who were present there. My wife, Rebecca Nurse got arrested and all I was trying to was to save her from getting hanged because she is innocent. I was also trying to tell everyone that the all the girls were frauds and they are all trying to deceive us but everyone kept on asking me for the proof to prove what I was saying was right. The things I said were to Judge Danforth and I said “Excellency, we have proof for your eyes; God forbid you shut them to it. The girls, sir, the girls are frauds”, Judge Danforth’s response to that was “What’s that?” and I replied “We have proof of it, sir. They are all deceiving you.” This is what I said and I believe there was nothing wrong in what I said because every single word I said was true. I was just trying to tell the judge that the girls are not what we think they are. The judge thought that the girls are the only ones who are telling the truth but no, all the girls were liars and they were deceiving all of us. There was one thing that Judge Danforth said to me and it made me feel really good and what he said was “Indeed! I am amazed to find you in such uproar. I have only good report of your character, Mr. Nurse.” And that made me feel really good about myself because Judge Danforth thought that I was a nice guy and he respected me. It was good to know that he had a good and clean image of me in his mind which meant that it was also a good sign towards my reputation. There was this other thing that was said about me but not directly to me and that was by Judge Hathorne when I told Judge Danforth that Rebecca Nurse was my wife and then Judge Hathorne said “I think they must both be arrested in contempt, sir.” This was not the nicest thing to say but still I didn’t respond to it because he was a judge and I can’t really say anything in front of a judge. But still, it was not nice of him to say. One thing I wish I had said was to Judge Hathorne when he told Judge Danforth to arrest me along with my wife and I wish I had said “Why must I be arrested?” and I would’ve said that because Judge Hathorne was accusing me for no reason, he had no particular reason to accuse me. Judge Hathorne was saying what he thought was right; he had no proof to what he was saying. I bet that tomorrow Judge Hathorne and all the others who suspect me will know that I was innocent and so was my wife Rebecca. And everyone will know that what I was about the girls was all true and there were no lies mixed in what I was saying. (JB)