The Journal of Giles Corey

Today I am Giles Corey and I am covering pages 83 - 105

Today I was at court for a hearing for my wife, she is accused by Thomas Putnam for being a which, he will go to hell for this. I told the court that "I have evidence". I said that Putnam was only out for me and my wife so he could claim my land, I will not let him get my land. Today people called me an old crazy man. I am not, Judge thought a Lawyer drew out my accusation for Thomas Putnam, I just know that this proof will send him to jail and for good. One thing I wish I did would have been to break through Proctor's grip and Have gotten to Thomas Putnam so I could kill him, I would have cut his throat. I bet tomorrow they will force the names I refused to say out of me, I will not speak, so I will go to jail with my wife, I will most likely die. (ES)

Today I am Giles Cory and I am covering pages 75-81
Today I saw many scary things. I saw Procters wife be taken away, chained nontheless! I also saw Abbigale stab herself with a needle and then blame that "spirts" pushed it in her. I tried to tell people but they wouldn't listen. Then after I came to Procter's house I heard that Abigale was blaming Procter's wife for stabing in that neelde. I wish I had said that there was no way in burning hell that a spirt could push a real object, but no one would be able to hear my over the clamor. Who knoes, mabye tomarrow when I go to court we will be able to sourt things out there, and I still can't belive that they took my and Francis's wife.(TAB)

Today I am Giles Cory and i am covering pages 70-75

Today I tell mister proctor they take my wife and Francis's wife, Rebecca. It seemed like Mr.Hale was too calm about the situation. Maybe he didnt care because it didnt happen to him. Many people think my wifes a witch because she reads lots of books. Shes just a very smart women. I was extremely mad at Walcott. He be the one that charge her. It was because he gave a pig 4 or 5 years ago and it died soon after. He claimed she killed it with her witchcraft. I know that she be no witch, but now its hard to get people to believe me. (JW)