The Sound of Macbeth

No matter if Macbeth is produced for the stage, radio, film or television, the one thing that remains the same is the use of sound. With your group you will be responsible to present a podcast segment of Macbeth. Consider all of the lessons we have covered regarding staging, direction, diction and delivery as you plan, rehearse and perform your audio recording.

So how are we going to do this?
Each of our laptops has been equipped with a special podcasting program called “Audacity.” This program will allow each group to record multiple tracks of material, be it music, sound effects, or dialogue.

We will be putting these recordings together in class over the next two days. We will spend the first day of this project getting familiar with the program. The second day, with the use of sound and music files, each group will practice using the program, as well as rehearsing “on line” before we begin to develop the final cuts.

Use the attached “handy-dandy” Audacity user guide to help with directions, suggestions and hints as to how you can modify your recording. Want to add chilling echo to your voice? Click on track “Effects”; need to add a bit more time between lines you can add silence using “Generate” menu.

Remixing Shakespeare/Audacity User Guide:

  • With your group you are to practice, record and present a portion of a scene from Macbeth.
  • Using the folder set up on the share drive you will download a minimum of four sound effects and one track of music to add to the atmosphere of your piece.
  • You must introduce your piece indicating the Act, Scene and Lines from the play, as well as the players in the group. (ie. Act 1, Scene 1, Lines 1-13 presented by Mrs. Colantuono, Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. O’Shea)
  • Each member of your group must have a “job” in the production (not all group members might have a part – or some groups will need members to read for more than one part)

  • The podcasts will be presented on Monday, January 26th as part of our review process.

NOTE – Audacity is a “free-downloadable” program that you may install on your home computer should you wish to work on the track at home.


This project is worth 75 points:

Planning/Preparation 25 pts
Execution/Presentation 50 pts
You will be graded on the following criteria:
Planning/Preparation : Quality use of:
§ class time
§ all group members
§ focus on assignment

: Quality of:

§ “Actors” voices/delivery/emotion/atmosphere (think the hammies – only the best performances)
§ Incorporation of a minimum of three (3) sound effects on the recording
§ Incorporation of music within the recording
§ Incorporation of introduction and credits to the recording
§ Explanation of scene prior to presentation (what happens just before this scene – set up the audience for the action)

Student Podcasts to come: