To Kill a Mockingbird Character Analysis Essay Assignment

Assignment Overview:

Throughout the reading of To Kill A Mockingbird, readers are exposed to the events of the early 1930’s Maycomb Cty, Alabama through the eyes of one person, young Jean Louise “Scout” Finch. Although Scout is the reader’s eyes to the story, she is not its only character. Through her dynamic eye for detail and vibrant dialogue, Harper Lee uses numerous characters in the novel to expressly present one of the numerous themes that not only were relevant to life in the 1930’s, but are still relevant to society today.


Your job is to choose one character from the novel and determine how that character exemplifies one of the themes we have explored within the novel. Your paper, set-up in a five paragraph format, 2 ½ pages in length, double spaced, 1” margins, Arial or New Times Roman, 12 pt. font


Boo Radley
Bob Ewell
Miss Maudie
Mrs. Dubose
Aunt Alexandria
Tom Robinson
* If you wish to choose another character get it cleared with us first.
* Individuals have a responsibility to protect the innocent
  • One person's wrongdoing can release evil into an entire community
  • Courage is doing what's right even when the odds of succeeding are poor
  • People often fear what they don't understand
  • Education can take place at the home and in the community, not necessarily in the school
  • Insight, maturity, integrity, and understanding have no relation to age, social position, or formal education
  • Appearances do not always reflect reality
  • Prejudice and superstition can lead to injustice

Rubric, Due Dates and Grading

This project is worth 100 writing points. Students will earn these points by completing each of the five (5) process steps. To earn the maximum points, all assignments must be handed in on the due date noted in the attached file AND must be completed with the highest caliber of quality.

The final copy will be handed in on October 20th in a packet that will include:
The Rubric
His/Her Reflection Question Responses
The Final Draft
The Rough Draft

At any point in the process students may attend tutorial for additional guidance, proof-reading and editing assistance, or teacher feedback.

Points Awarded
Due Date
Choice of Character &
· Choose character and what theme they best represent
· Give three examples of how the two are connected
5 pts
Thesis Statement
· Create a brief and clear statement that shows the three points that support your choice of character in a clear and logical manner
10 pts
Full Introductory Paragraph
· Has a strong hook, catching our attention
· Includes the name of the book and author
· A brief synopses of the story (2-3 sentences)
· Introduces the thesis
· Ends with your thesis statement
10 pts
Full Rough Draft
· Rough draft has five paragraphs (intro, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion)
· Each paragraph has topic sentence that relates to thesis
· 2 quotes that offer textual support in each paragraph to support thesis/topic sentence
· Conclusion restates thesis and wraps up paper
25 pts
Full FINAL Draft
· Shows distinctive improvement from the rough draft
· Includes a writer’s reflection response to questions posed on rubric.
50 pts

100 pts